Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Warmachine Wednesdays: The Charger

A significant model for Cygnar, the Charger offers the first hint about the ranged superiority of the blue faction. With a decent range that is meant to be boosted with spells like Snipe, and the ability to boost attack and damage rolls on its gun by spending a single focus point, AND a rate of fire that allows two shots per activation; all this means that the Charger is a focus hungry, but damn effective, light 'jack.
All-but perfect for plinking those multi-HP high-defense targets, if you can get the charger in range of something that doesn't come with insane armor, it can likely put the hurt- if not the unit- down. About the only issue with the Charger is that its damage is negligible when used against Khador heavy jacks. However, if you can manage to get it line of sight of a Warcaster, you'll likely be able to knock off a significant number of damage boxes, and either put the stress on an ill-prepared opponent, or begin one hell of an assassination run.
As the only warjack I own that has significant range abilities, I'm looking forward to purchasing some other Cygnar ranged 'jack options; however, my main opponent right now is Khador, so I find myself needing to tailor lists to focus on high damage in order to at least threaten punishment to my opponent.
We'll see what I can manage for my next purchase. It would be interesting to field an exclusively 'shooty' (or dakka) army.

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