Saturday, March 1, 2014

March Madness OGBC: Day 1

So here we are, starting off a month of non-D&D gaming trivia about my sordid roleplaying past. What dark secrets will be revealed over the next 30 days?
Fucked if I know.
"What was the first roleplaying game other than D&D you played? Was it before or after you had played D&D?"
Welp, it's time to harken back about five years and talk about Pathfinder. Or is that too close to D&D, being basically 3.75?
Fine. Then let's go back four years and talk about Call of Cthulhu. I honestly don't remember how I got into CoC, it's a blank spot in my memory that likely has to do with Yog Sothoth's Bradford Players actual plays. I was happily enjoying alternating my time between 4e and Pathfinder, and listening to Actual Plays by Penny Arcade about Keep on the Shadowfell, and decided to look for other RPG podcasts. And I found Horror on the Orient Express, which was fantastic. Characters that weren't heroic, trying to stave off madness and indescribable horrors, while solving mysteries in 1920s Europe?
Sign me the fuck up.
Speaking of HotOE, I'm super looking forward to the re-release of the campaign, and will be playing through it later this year, courtesy of the Esoteric Order of Roleplayers. Along with Call of Cthulhu 7th, which is another landmark for me, an updated system that I'm actually looking forward to, because it doesn't entirely throw out the previous system's rules.
Oh man, I can't even go through a non-D&D blog without sniping D&D. I may have a problem.

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