AP: Savage Fallout

"Fallout POSTER" by StuntmanKamil

Actual Play: Savage Fallout

As a long-time Fallout fan, I've decided to take my friends through the entirety of the Fallout 1 plot, modifying as necessary for multiple main characters. I'm using a modified version of Yves Geens' Savage Fallout ruleset.

Fallout 1:

A group of vault dwellers is sent out into the radioactive California wasteland to retrieve a crucial water chip and prevent the slow dehydrating deaths of everyone they know.


Scott - Brak
Aidan - Angelica "A-Bomb"
Russel - Tiny Lenny
Joseph - Harold Davies
Clint - Savage Hank
Sage - Peat Cobblestone

Overseer: David Schimpff

Episode 1: Out of the Vault, into the Wasteland (download)

Episode 2: Out of the Wasteland, Into the Vault [15] (download)

Episode 3: Shady Business (download)

Episode 4: Wrath of the Khans (download)

Episode 5: Pros and Khans (download)

Episode 6: The Battle of Shady Sands (download)

This campaign is on Obsidian Portal (currently under construction).

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