Monday, July 25, 2016

Actual Play: Savage Fallout Session 7

I've posted before about bringing new players into existing games, and once again after finding myself at the whims of opposing schedules, I've found myself introducing a new player into a weekly gaming group. This time we welcome Cubbie in as Minnie, the aged ex-madame and no-shit taker.
Somehow my love for Fallout (apparently a shared love) has immunized me to the pitfalls of the unfamiliar player and allowed a solid (if short) session to come through.
This time, the party crosses paths briefly with a wasteland superpower and arrive in Junktown by way of a very truncated travel time. Alliances are made, foes are created, and new love blooms in this week's episode of Savage Fallout.


Savage Fallout Episode 7: Junktown Junction
Overseer: David Schimpff
Wastelanders: Russell, Clint, Joseph, Sage, and Cubbie.

You can download the episode here.


  1. Good to see you're reintroducing called shots to the nuts!
    Interesting results on the special encounters by the way, seems you've got an alien invasion on your hands there.

    Are you guys still playing?

    1. I had to put the game on hiatus after basically all the Vault Dwellers dropped out due to busy life schedules. Hoping to pick it back up sometime, though.