Thursday, March 19, 2015

Actual Play: IKRPG Campaign Episode 5

"Swamp (MPS Lands)" by AdamPaquette

And, of course, this one comes just a single week late, but I'm happy to announce that we are almost caught up with where the players are at. This session was spent pretty much entirely in the Bloodsmeath Marsh and the Blindwater Lake, as the party finally completes the research aspect of their mission from Padri Duranti, to witness the Gatormen ceremony on the night of the equinox.

Unfortunately, they run their mouths a little bit with regards to their plans towards a certain Khador outpost to the north, and in order to enlist the assistance of the primitives of the Blindwater Congregation, they get a bit...dirty I think is the best way to put it.

I feel like I should add some kind of disclaimer to this week's episode. There are depictions of gore. Nothing on the level of a torture porn film, but definitely talk about...anatomy. If you're extremely squeamish, I hope you'll be alright listening. If you're not squeamish, enjoy!

IKRPG Session 5: Dangerous Friends

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