Thursday, March 26, 2015

Actual Play: IKRPG Campaign Episode 6

"Gatormen!" by Cribs
Oh boy, yet another successful session of IKRPG. Last night the party pulled out some serious retribution (no relation to Scyrah) on their Khadoran jailers, and there were explosions and deaths and lots and lots of gatormen.

Despite prepping a goodly amount of content for this game, I found the most common situation a GM can end up seeing, which is one where your players cling to one thing you design and ignore just about everything else. I suppose everything worked out well in the end, and of course we ended up discovering yet another piledriver that, as a group, we've been exploiting quite maliciously for just about our entire IKRPG careers.

I've got some great plans for what comes next, and am really looking forward to taking a bit more time to prep actually dangerous (as in life-threatening) situations for the players, now that I know a bit more about their strengths and weaknesses.

Most specifically, until our Rhulic warcaster learns Khadoran, he will be unable to bond with a Khadoran warjack. Fun times.

IKRPG Session 6: The Fall of Northguard

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