Saturday, December 27, 2014

Actual Play: Catthulhu Dark

Well, this is kind of a subversion. A few Actual Plays ago I posted a game where Scott and I derailed The Fall Without End, run by my good friend @mousekins (Susan). Now I'm posting the results of my very own first-ever GMing rage-quit, where I got fed up with players acting like setting-breaking jerks and stopped talking. The game I quit was a Cthulhu Dark, and players kept trying to push each other into the cold atlantic waters of go-fuck-yourself, Ireland.

Then I collected myself, took a deep breath, and ran a Catthulhu Dark completely off the cuff.

I don't remember things ending prematurely in that one, so there's that for a win I suppose.

There's probably a lesson here for me. That I should be more flexible towards my players' idiosyncrasies or something. Fuck that. If my players are going to break the flow of the game by trying to beat each other up, they can play Super Mario 3D World.

Instead, the lesson you should all take from this Actual Play is that if your players are acting like children with ADHD, stop the game you're running, and run Cattthulhu Dark, and fucking bombard them with shiny shit to run after.

*drops mic*

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