Saturday, September 27, 2014

Actual Play: Savage Fallout (SAD) Session 5

At last, we bring the grand finale to our system runthrough of Savage Fallout. A lot of emotions flew around (along with bullets), and our players got to experience some of the wackiness that the California Wasteland has to offer to its inhabitants.

Our Players: Randy, Susan, Scott, Cecilia

The Overseer: David Schimpff



  1. Your one listener thanks you for warming the cockles of his heart! The 4 jokers situation was very funny by the way.

    I think the players raise some valid points at the end of the playcast. The Shaken mechanic slows down combat quite a bit and can result in combat dragging on as both sides keep shaking the opposition/unshaking themselves, the failure rate of rolls for mooks and the ability for WCs to soak damage. Serious injury usually results from damage acing multiple times rather than a gradual build up. On the plus side it's an easy system to use (easier than having to track other penalties anyway) and a way to get players to spend bennies instead of hoarding them for soak rolls. Skipping Shaken and going straight to Wounds would make the combat far more lethal, keeping in mind that the average damage output of high end weapons is higher than the Toughness of all but the heartiest/well equipped characters. In my experience, play does eventually speed up as players get to know the combat maneuvers and mechanics better.

    1. Very true regarding play speeding up. I was part of a Deadlands campaign where combat moved almost as fast as the players, with the only real slowdowns occurring when someone kept acing their rolls.

      I'm definitely going to keep throwing my players into Savage Worlds games, because I really do like a substantial portion of the system, and I know that I need at least another half-dozen sessions under my belt before even I can run the system optimally.