Saturday, July 2, 2016

Actual Play: Savage Fallout Session 5

I've always been a bit nervous about bringing new players to the table, but tonight's game went off without a hitch. The takeaway from this game is that I've allowed my players to become something violent and blasphemous, and even their previous failures haven't taught them that jumping right to the bloodshed isn't always the correct choice.

In either case, shit gets burned down, Chekhov's Gun has been fired, and the people of Shady Sands have taken their first step towards their inevitable fate.


Savage Fallout Episode 5: Pros and Khans
Vault Dwellers: Aidan, Scott, Clint, Russell, Sage
Overseer: David Schimpff

You can download the episode here (right click, Save As)


  1. Wow Pete is amazing! This is the kind of player GMs wish they had, then regret that wish immediately when they have to try and turn the enthusiasm down a few notches. Seems like everyone is really getting comfortable in their roles - one thing that always drags a game on is when it's a players' turn but they consult with all the other players on what, in game, is like a 6 second action. I feel like as you get comfortable with your role you don't need to do that as much. Plus, it can be fun to roleplay out the consequences later!

    Oh and I absolutely LOATHE Ronnie. The way you've tailored him to strike all the douchebag chords is excellent and diabolical. I disagree regarding the Enemy hindrance though - the book says that if the Enemy is killed, the character will develop a new enemy in a session or two.

    I don't want Ronnie to be gone, cause we just got started hating him. Just echoed the calls of "Bullshit!" when they couldn't kill him. Just reminds me of the old GM advice: "If you want your villain to survive, don't put them in the same room with the PCs" :) You were in a weird position, though, since he was known to the PCs and would likely greet them, but out of character they knew he was the Enemy and it'd come down to a fight. It's kinda like meeting Sauron at the Queen's ball - you can't do anything about it, but you definitely want to kill him. And he knows it, the smarmy bastard.

  2. Yeah, I'm basically going to turn Ronnie into Pokey from Earthbound. That way he'll be able to piss off the players without fear of repercussions...for now.

    And yeah, the core book indicates replacing the enemy if he dies, but I really didnt want my fuckup to spoil the fun times i have planned for Ronnie in the future. Call it a mulligan.

    1. That's fair. The hunt for Ronnie in the next session is a great payoff. Now they all really really hate him and will hunt him to the ends of the wasteland! Just hope they find a water chip somewhere along the way. :)