Tuesday, May 31, 2016

RSS Feed Live

"Glossy RSS Icon" by Art-D
Hey everyone! Many thanks to long-time Esoteric Order of Roleplayers listener Miika for suggesting I do something productive with my Memorial day and actually learn about this crazy RSS thing.

Which I did. So I've got a feed now. And six subscribers, apparently!

Which is nice.

Also, big thanks to the Esoteric Order for linking me yet again this week, I've officially passed 10k pageviews, and thusly will begin attempting in earnest to keep up with my Actual Plays.

In any case, if you're reading this, you've probably contributed to those views referenced above, so thanks for checking out Crit This!

6/3/16 Update: 99% of archived Actual Plays are now on the feed. Enjoy!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Actual Play: Savage Fallout Session 2

And here we are, a couple weeks after our first session of Savage Fallout and we have Session 2: Brak Gets a Dog. No, but seriously, I'm having so much fun taking the framework of the first Fallout game and throwing players through it like a sieve.

First impressions on the second episode: combat is very easy, which I have no issues with currently, seeing as the players are just getting started out in the wasteland. Sure, having the Savage Worlds mechanic of Extra/Wild Card enemies makes it so some of the more nerve-wracking enemies in the traditional Fallout sense get a little nerfed so others can really shine, but I think once my players encounter a Deathclaw, they'll be shitting their pants realizing that 'holy fucking shit that thing can spend goddamn bennies.'

I think I'm actively not trying to kill my players in this game, and that doesn't bother me as much as I think it used to. Really, I'm kind of hoping to see how they do without the constant adversity I throw their way in games. Plus they're sitting on alien technology. And rolling like goddamn pros.

The wasteland doesn't have a fucking chance.

Take a listen and enjoy, folks!

Savage Fallout Episode 2: Out of the Wasteland, Into the Vault (15)
Vault Dwellers: Aidan, Scott, Clint, Russell, Joseph
Overseer: David Schimpff

You can download the episode here (right click, Save As).

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Actual Play: Scrolls and Swords IV

I've been dropping the ball on uploading my games for a while now, hopefully I've figured out how to not do that anymore. But then again maybe I haven't. Who knows? In any case, here's an oldie back from February of the group getting together to ridiculous it up in some Scrolls and Swords.


Scrolls and Swords Ep 04: Stuck-U-Buses

You can download the episode here (right click, Save As).

Iron Kingdoms RPG Actual Play Season 2 live!

"Warmachine" by IgorKieryluk
Well folks, I've finally done it. I've uploaded all the backlogged sessions of Season 2 of my Iron Kingdoms game, like I promised I'd do at the beginning of this year. Hooray for me. Feel free to take a listen over at the AP: IKRPG page up top. Hell, I'll even link it for you right here.

Now that I'm changing gears and dragging my players through the wonderful world of Savage Fallout, it will be a bit of time before we discover the results of the Immoren Liberation Front's clash with the Cephalyx.

In the meantime...enjoy!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Actual Play: Savage Fallout Session 1

Well folks, here I am, back again, with a brand new Actual Play series (I know, I know, I'll get to posting the remainder of my IKRPG games...sometime. When I have time. Which will be...sometime.)

Anyway. New shiny! Some backstory: after basically ignoring Fallout 4 for, um (December, January, February, March...) four months- heh, so many fours- I started playing again, got sucked in, then realized exactly how much I really dislike the entirety of that game. Like, so much. So, I started listening to some Fallout Let's Plays on YouTube, and I discovered that there are like TWO Fallout LPs! Maybe more, but I saw 2 after googling for like five minutes! Imagine my shock!

So I started my own Fallout LP, and decided that if I was gonna play through Fallout 1, I'd make my Thursday game play through Fallout 1 right along with me.

Well, after pulling up the latest update to Savage Fallout, I modded a few options on the character sheet and in the various handbooks, and suddenly had a general direction to move in for a five-player team of Vault Dwellers! Also, I had a pre-written campaign that:
a) I know like the back of my hand
b) One of my players knows just as well but also knows not to mess with the meta
c) A group of players who know how to have fun in the gritty wastes of California!

Also, after playing for a bit, I started wondering exactly how much FO 1 and 2 managed to...mess with geography. Like, Vault 13 is apparently almost directly east of San Francisco, but Bakersfield is like a short walk from Vault 15? I dunno, I'll have to look at my official map (which I'll likely need to use for this campaign...maybe. Or I'll keep using the Savage Fallout hex map. Seems more fun that way.

In any case, I'm having so much fun with this game already, it feels completely different than any other pre-gen campaign I've ever run, so hopefully I can keep up the steam. I'll also be posting my first LP pretty soon, so look forward to me linking that, too.


Savage Fallout Episode 1: Out of the Vault, into the Wasteland
Vault Dwellers: Aidan, Scott, Clint, Russell
Overseer: David Schimpff

You can download the episode here (right click, Save As).

Game Notes:

  • Around 1:57, I mistakenly tell Savage Hank not to add his damage dice together; this is in error. However, his modified damage roll of a 10 would still not have been enough to pierce the Radscorpion's Toughness.
Personal Notes:

Okay, I lied. There are like a million Fallout 1 LPs on Youtube. I'm just really lazy, apparently. Too lazy to keep looking, but the opposite of lazy when it comes to actually starting up a Let's Play? I don't fucking know....STOP LOOKING AT ME!