Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Collating and Preparing

Once again, I take my sweet time getting back to blogging though, to be fair, it'll be another month or so before I have anything of substance to post. In a week I leave for Japan and thank fucking god for that, I need this vacation. That said, I've been listening to my good friend Susan's Actual Plays of IKRPG over at her blog, and what kind of GM would I be if that didn't inspire me to start planning out what I'll be doing for my next IKRPG arc.

That, of course, spirals back into the fact that I've been meaning to collect all of the IKRPG actual plays I've posted into a single page, easily accessible to any who wish to listen to them back-to-back, so you'll notice at the top of this page there is now an AP: IKRPG header, which will take you to that page. Obviously, as this is merely a playlist, I won't have the individual session rundowns I do for each upload, but one must sacrifice verbosity for function, occasionally.

In any case, this is more of a heads-up than anything else, to let you all know that I'm not quite dead, just resting, and raring to pick up with the Immoren Liberation Front.