Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Warmachine Wednesdays: The Minuteman

The distinction of the first mini I painted to completion* in my Cygnar faction army goes to the Minuteman, a vicious piece of metal and guns that practically screams badass.
Combining two short-range slug guns and two open hands with an almost-overpowered Leap ability synchronized with an auto-hit super short-range AOE makes this light 'jack a nightmare for anything it encounters with a same-sized or smaller base, especially when loaded with focus. As evidenced by my last combat engagement against Khador, even the feared Widowmakers were all-but annihilated by the movement range and variety of attacks offered by the Minuteman; but he really came into his own against the enemy Warcaster, executing a by-the-numbers Two-Handed Throw and thus initiating a vicious assassination run which won the battle.
Though I found no concrete synergy in this battle under Stryker1, future battles will determine exactly how much the two units have to offer each other in terms of speed, range, and damage-dealing opportunities.
Until next week, WarmaHorders.
(*Completion is a strong word, as he still isn't sealed yet.)

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